4 Reasons to Add a Porch to Your Home

By Malcolm Lewis Windows

                                                      1. Keep the Heat in

        CSF89IgWEAAd5qbThe cold nights are now in full swing and trying to keep the house warm can be a challenge, especially when there’s someone at the door, or you have people going in and out. A new porch could help you keep the warm in and the cold out, making your home more energy efficient and saving you money!

        2.  Give your home a new lease of life

Adding a new porch can transform the look of your house and increase the value to your home.

        3. Added Security

       Having a porch gives you an extra door, making your home more secure, especially if you choose a Solidor composite door. Solidors come with insurance and police        approved locking systems, making them arguably the most secure composite doors available.

       4. Extra space

       Having a porch instantly creates more space, whether its a small porch for that extra storage or a larger porch for an extended living space. With so many options to         choose from, there is a perfect porch design to suit your space.