The Guardian™ Warm Roof

Is your conservatory too warm in summer and too cold in winter?
Transform your conservatory into a comfortable living space all year round
The Guardian™ Warm Roof represents a great investment in your home.
Unlike conventional conservatories with polycarbonate or glass roofing, a Guardian Roof enables home owners to enjoy their conservatory throughout the entire year. The Guardian Roof fundamentally transforms your living space and can increase your property’s value.Because of its exceptional thermal qualities the insulated roof enables your conservatory to stay cosy and warm during the harsh winter months and yet cool and comfortable during the hot summer time.Internally the Guardian™ Roof offers contemporary or traditional finishes such as a plastered finish with concealed lighting or FAKRO roof windows. The options are endless and provide the scope you require to produce your own beautiful and unique look for your home.Your existing conservatory roof can be quickly and smoothly transformed into a superior solid tiled conservatory roof without need for alterations to your existing structure, fixtures or fittings such as door frames and windows.

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  • Improved Insulation: Because of the excellent thermal efficiency and the U-value of 0.18 you will notice a reduction in energy costs. This efficiency will enable the room to be used all year round keeping it nice and cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter.
  • Improved Appearance – the range of styles and finishes available with a Guardianroof offers you real flexibility over the appearance of your conservatory, and an opportunity to hugely enhance the appearance of this extension of your home.
  • Approved and Trusted: We are approved installers of the official GuardianWarm Roof System

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